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If you arrive from Charles of Gaulle airport, you have 2 possibilities to come to Giverny :


1°: By road with a rent car


2°: By railway through Paris and gare St Lazare

3°: By rail from CDG to Gare du Nord then by taxi or with the metro to Gare St Lazare to Vernon.



1° - By road :

Leave Charles de Gaulle airport by taking the direction Paris and then take the direction Cergy-Pontoise You will find yourself on the motorway called « La Francilienne » which will enable you to avoid Paris traffic, if you have time it is worth doing a detour to Auvers-sur-Oise, Van Gogh painted there and is buried with his brother in the cemetery. You set out again on La Francilienne and take the direction of Rouen you will then find yourselves on the A15 which will change to the N14 simply because it becomes smaller, although they are in the process of making it into a four lane road at the moment .You take the exit for Magny-en-Vexin and Giverny, turn to your left in the direction of Vernon/Giverny.You will travel along the valley for approx 12 Kms and will come to a stop. At this point you follow the road to Giverny. Once you are in the village you pass the car park round-about and then at the third road after it you have “La Rue de la Dime”. There is a Bed and Breakfast sign just before it. You will find us at number 5.


If you miss the first Cergy-Pontoise exit, you are then on the A1 motorway in the direction of Paris but you will come to another exit for Cergy-Pontoise which you can take and you will be on the A15 and then just follow the above directions. If, again you miss this exit, don’t worry you continue on the A1 into Paris until you see the exit for Rouen and you will find yourself on the A14 which is a toll road or the A13which is also a toll road (by the way you can use your visa credit card on all French toll roads) Take the exit Vernon, cross the bridge and turn immediately on your right to Giverny, it is approx 4Kms.

On arrival at the beginning of Giverny turn to your left up into Rue Claude Monet and just after the church you turn down on your right into the first street which is Rue de la Dime and you will find us at number 5.

Chambre d hotes Giverny Le Clos Fleuri Acces par la route

2° - By road with Roissy-Bus to Paris and then with the train from Gare St Lazare to Vernon :

Finding the Roissy Bus (Opera Bus) at the Airport

The Roissy Bus pickup stops are well marked within the terminals. From terminal 2A you pick it up right outside door nine (gate nine). Here are all the pickup locations:

  - Terminal 1 - Arrival level (5), door 30

  - Terminal 2A - outside door 9

  - Terminal 2B - use Terminal 2B's pickup outside door 11

  - Terminal 2C - use Terminal 2A's pick-up outside door 9

  - Terminal 2D - outside door 11

  - Terminal 2E and 2F – use the pickup near door 5 in La galerie, connecting the two terminals

  - Terminal 3 - near Arrival sections, by the taxi stands

Buying Tickets for the Roissy Bus

The one way ticket costs 8.50 Euro and is one of the better bargains in Paris these days.
You have four options for purchasing tickets for the bus:

  - From the machine in terminal 2A near door 10 (gate A 10) - see photo to right.

  - At the ticket counter at in terminal 2D at Gate D 11.

  - On the bus from the driver.

  - If you have a Paris Visite valid for zones 1 to 5, you can use that.

My guess is that terminals 1, 2E, 2F and 3 have corresponding areas for purchasing tickets near the pick-up point, but I am not certain.

They request that you purchase tickets ahead of time, but the day I traveled, the machine was not working, and I did not want to cross the busy street between terminal 2A and 2D to purchase a ticket at the ticket counter, so I bought my ticket on the bus. The bus driver didn't flinch. Yes, it does require you to have euro when you arrive, but there are ATMs in the airport.

About the Roissy Bus

From 6:00am until 7:00pm, the bus runs every 15 minutes. From 7:00pm until 11:00 pm, every20 minutes. (Note, these are the times from the website. The sign for the bus says every 15 minutes until 8:00pm.) The bus runs seven days a week. The travel time into Paris, once you leave the airport (which can take 30 - 40 minutes because it stops at every terminal), is about 60 minutes.

It is not a "coach bus" in that it has no place to store your luggage underneath, but is like a city bus, with an accordion center connecting two halves. At the front and in the middle of the bus are two small shelves to store luggage.

If you're staying near the Opera, or don't mind transferring to another form of transportation once you arrive, the Roissy Bus is a great alternative to a high-priced taxi or the RER train.

You can use the Roissy Bus to return to the airport, picking it up on the same corner that you disembarked (Rue des Scribes). Buses run from Rue Scribe starting at 5:45am until 11:00pm with the same frequency as mentioned above.

Then you have to walk down Rue Auber and the Rue du Havre and you are infront of Gare St.Lazare.

3° - By rail from CDG to Gare du Nord then by taxi or with the metro to Gare St Lazare to Vernon. :

Take the RER line B, to Gare du Nord then, you can either travel by taxi to Gare Saint Lazare or take bus N° 26 to Gare Saint Lazare.

For all information concerning the trains in direction of Normandy visit the site: SNCF

Once you have arrived at Vernon, you have 2 possibilities :

  - either takes the buses that leave on the right hand footpath just outside of the station. They will take you directly to the museum car park and you will then have to take the footpath on the main road on your left and come back three streets to Rue de la Dime to find us,


  - take a taxi which you will find on the left as you come out of the station, they cost approx 10 to 12 Euros depending on the amount of luggage you have.


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